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Private Church parties

Private Party

$175.00 2 hour Private Building Rental

  •      Unlimited amount of skaters

  •      Full Concession Stand

  •      Special Food Discounts for your group

  •      Game Room Optional

  •      You choose music and skating games played

$2.00 Regular Skate Rental/$4.00 Speed Skates and Inlines/$2.00 Skate Trainers/$5.00 Car Strollers

Food tickets can be purchased for $1.00 and up to hand out to your guests

$3.50 Hot Dog, Chips, and 12 oz Drink


Small Group Private Party

$4.00 per person 2 hour Private Building Rental

Minimum of 40 People

  •      $4.00 each person

  •      Regular Skates Included

  •      $2.00 extra for speed skates or inlines/$2.00 skate trainers/$5.00 car strollers

  •      Full Concession Stand

  •      Game Room Optional

  •      You choose music and skating games played

The cost of the party can be billed to the church or paid by each person at the window


Group Rates

Group Rates are offered during any open skate. To qualify for a group rate you must call ahead and book your group ahead of time, have at least 12 skaters and pay together as a group. We will include regular skate rental in the price of admission, which is a $2.00 per person discount for group members. The price varies depending on the price of the session you will be attending. Please remember that a group rate is not the same as a private party and does not come with any party extras or reserved seating. Don't forget no food and drinks can brought into the building during open skating.

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